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1.         The acceptance of any order is subject to the provision of satisfactory references, if required by us.

2.         Our terms are payment within 30 days of invoice.

3.         Prices are based on 8 hours on site. Overtime will be charged pro rata of the day or night rate for extra hours worked.

4.         Our prices are based on carrying out the work during normal working hours and no allowance has been made for weekend, restricted or night-time working unless previously agreed and stated.

5.         This quotation is valid for 3 months unless stated otherwise.

6.         Our prices are based on sufficient areas of work being made available to us to ensure economic and continuous progress of our work.

7.         Our standard cancellation policy is as follows:-

Day time working = Before noon the day before no charge.  After noon 50% charge.  On route or on site 100% charge.

Note the day before will be the Friday for Saturday, Sunday or Monday bookings.

Night time working = Before 1600hrs the day before no charge.  On the day before noon 50% charge.  After noon, on route or on site 100% charge.

Note the day before will be the Friday for Saturday, Sunday or Monday bookings.

8.         Our prices are based upon the thickness stated. However, we can only guarantee to achieve that thickness within a tolerance of +/- 6mm, or such greater tolerance as provided by the appropriate construction layer. Surfacing of any planed area deems acceptance of that planing.

9.         Our prices do not include for the following;

             a)             Hand trimming around ironwork and the like, or areas inaccessible to our standard planing machines.

             b)            Saw cutting edges.

             c)             Forming temporary ramps.

             e)            The removal of steps at the side of the excavations, resulting from our operations.

             f)             Any sweeping or cleaning other than resulting from our operations.

10.       We do not accept any liability for damage to buried ironwork or to cables and pipes belonging to public utilities or other underground constructions that are not readily visible or expressly notified by you, any consequential loss arising from such damage shall be borne by you. The surface of which we are to Plane needs to be adequate to withstand any plant, laden lorries etc, to be used by us in carrying out the work. We cannot accept liability for damage resulting from our operations except where such damage results solely from our negligence.

11.       We do not accept liability for damage to layers of construction underlying those being Planed.

12.       We reserve the right to charge extra for picks when planing concrete.

13.       Should the materials being Planed prove to be other than described, or of exceptional hardness, or of a nature likely to damage our equipment, we reserve the right to stop work without penalty or charge for excessive pick wear.

14.       We do not accept liability for damage caused to adjacent construction areas resulting from our operation, unless expressly caused by our negligence.

15.       Adequate and suitable access and working space to be maintained at all times for our plant and lorries.

16.       You are to provide all necessary banksman, lighting, traffic control and signs that maybe required during the progress of work or thereafter.

17.       We do not accept liability for damage to layers of construction underlying those being Planed.

18.       It is the Hirer’s responsibility to notify the Company of any variation to the material being Planed not being Tarmac (EU Waste category 170302).  Our price does not include for waste outside this category.  Planing and disposal of Tar bound material is not covered by our quote unless agreed and stated.

19.       You are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the works after completion of our planing operations.

20.       Retention is not applicable to this quotation.

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