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call us on 01903 879955

7 x 1/2 Metre Planers with Lorry

Geoff Greenfield Limited operates 3 types of 1/2 Metre Planers, the W500 with a cutting depth of 150mm and the Deep Cut W50DC with a cutting Depth of 210mm, and the new W50Ri.

Half Metre Planer


We also have FINE MILLING drums for the 1/2 Metre Planers, which are used for anti-skid removal or for retexturing a surface to improve the skid resistance.

There are 4 special sized drums which we can also fit to the 1/2 Metre Planers, these are 100mm wide, 150mm wide, 200mm wide and 300mm wide.  These drums will plane to a maximum depth of 100mm.  These drums are ideal for mastic repairs and crack chasing.

The required working sizes for this machine are approximately 2800mm High without the elevator fixed and 3400mm High with the elevator fixed, width of approximately 1800mm and a working gross weight of between 7 to 8 tonne depending on the planer used. Please note the working heights stated are minimum heights for the machine to fit, if the works are all at these restricted heights then a site visit would be required prior to works commencing.