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call us on 01903 879955

Bobcat Planer with Sweeper Brush and Tipper Lorry

Our Skid Steer Planers (better known as a Bobcat) can plane and also sweep an area up to 250m2 at a depth of 40mm in an 8 hour shift dependant on site conditions. They are highly manouverable and can plane out awkward shaped footpaths and driveways with ease. The Skidsteers have a seperate Brush attachment to enable us to sweep the Planed area.  This piece of equipment now comes with a Lorry to remove the Planed material.  This machine cannot plane Hot Rolled Asphalt or Concrete.




Bobcat 440M

Skid Steer ( Bobcat ) Planers

Weight: 4000kgs Height: 2350mm (2050mm without Water tank) Width: 1800mm Length: 3277mm