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Call us on 01903 879955
call us on 01903 879955
  • 1/2 Metre Planer

    1/2 Metre Planer

    Geoff Greenfield Limited operates a fleet of wheeled 1/2 Metre Planers with a maximum cutting depth of 210mm. Call us anytime on 01903 879955

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  • 1 Metre Planer

    1 Metre Planer

    Geoff Greenfield Limited operates wheeled 1 Metre Planers with a maximum cutting depth of 300mm.View 1 Metre Planer ›

  • Road planing specialists in the south of england. For more information please call 01903 879955
  • Bobcat 400M

    Bobcat Planers with Brush and Tipper Lorry

    Our Skid Steer Planers can plane and also sweep an area up to 250m2 at a depth of 40mm in an 8 hour shift dependant on site conditions.

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  • Lorries


    For all 6 and 8 wheel tipper hire including grab lorries call us anytime.

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  • Health & Safety

    The safety of all those involved with or affected by the works undertaken by Geoff Greenfield Limited is considered of paramount importance. View our Health & Safety Policy ›

Road Planers, Road Sweepers and Tipper Lorry hire

Geoff Greenfield Limited currently have x4 Bobcat Planers with Brush attachment and Tipper Lorry, x5 1/2 Metre Planers with Lorry, and x5 1 Metre Planers with Lorry.  We also have the specialist drum widths of 100mm and 200mm for crack chasing and joint repair. For all Planer, Sweeper and Tipper Lorry hire you can call us anytime.

Telephone 01903 879955

  • Sweepers


    Road Sweepers are hired in from the major national companies to ensure we receive the newest vehicles and the most experienced sweeper operators.

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